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Heart Stone

In Your Heart 1

Heart’s Desire

Continuing my series of blended photos, this week I present three versions of an image for your perusal and judgement.

The first one, above, has the figure almost totally encased withtin the stone, with the heart-shaped hole acting like a window to the woman.

In the image below, I changed the layering to show more of the figure and clothing to make it appear like she is resting on the now softened landscape.

In Your Heart 2

Heart’s Desire 2

Finally I present a black and white version of the second layering. Generally I like strong contrast in my black and white images but I like the softness and glow in this one.

In Your Heart  3

Heart’s Desire 3

So what say you? Do you prefer one over the other? What makes it resonate for you?

Have an awesome weekend with your heart’s desire and take in the Aurora Borealis tonight if you’re in the right zones!


Tuesday Tales – Look Through My Window

Look Up

Look Up

I love photographing people at windows. My very first photoshoot and figurative artwork were of myself at a window. The decision to shoot in this location was both practical and conceptual. I wanted to shoot indoors but in natural light. I wanted strong light and shadow. Mostly I wanted to allude to a sense of longing and a desire, yet a hesitancy, to be seen. Placing myself at a window helped me do that.

A window is a curious object, both a porthole to an exterior world but also a barrier to it not easily crossed. Unlike a door, you can neither step out nor let anyone in with ease. And unless someone happens to look in and the light is right, you can remain quite hidden behind it.  A window can be a literal comfort zone you peak out of or dare to show yourself from.

I played with this idea of hide and seek with this image. While the woman at the window is tantilizing any onlooker with a daring glimpse, the viewer of the artwork does not get to see it. Rather we see her from behind and mostly in shadow, leaving her form and intention mostly to our imagination. The scene outdoors is also nebulous. These mysterious shapes and places help to bring the focus onto the delicate and strongly backlit lace blouse held invitingly open like a matador’s cape. The rich, warm tones in the shadows add a sensuality and glow that also draws the viewer in.

Look Up, detail

Look Up, detail

Look Up, a 5″x7″ photopolymer gravure etching, is currently for sale on the Escape Into Life Art Store for $135, unframed, minus 15% off for the summer sale.


Tuesday Tales – Wishing and Hoping and Dreaming

Morning View

Morning View

It was well past morning on that warm September day in Châteauneuf-en-Auxois. We had taken hundreds of photos in and around the picturesque village and the impressive chateau high on its hilltop. But as we sat down to a late lunch by a cosy window I knew I had to take a few more. The window’s lovely stone arch and the delightful view beyond were captivating enough but the little clay figure looking out wistfully tugged at my heart. It spoke to me of longing and dreaming. I thought of how it awoke every morning to that alluring village view, watching the people stroll by and real cats race past, all the while stuck on that window ledge, unable to move. I thought of how we often find ourselves in similar situations, seeing life’s brilliant possibilities and wishing for something more but not quite knowing how to get unstuck from our present circumstance. I thought of the enormous effort and courage it can take to bring about change, and of the true possibility of falling down and being broken in the attempt. I imagined this happening to the little figurine, of getting knocked over and being shattered into little pieces. But as the light shone into the broken fragments, there would occur a transformation into a winged thing that would then fly out into that enchanting world beyond the glass. And I smiled, for we were the same, that figurine and I.

Morning View is a 5”x7” photopolymer gravure etching, offered this week for $90 unframed, $110 framed.  It was one of four pieces entered in the Portals Show at Coast Collective.

You can see more images of Chateauneuf-En-Auxois here.