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Photo Fridays- Celestial Pasture

Celestial Pasture

Celestial Pasture

Continuing with the arbutus theme, this week’s photo shows the brilliance of their greens and reds against a sunny blue sky. They make a  magnificent tableau when looking heavenward and I can’t help but think that they are also marveling at the glorious sight of the deep blue sky, and on this day of the “cielo pecorello”, an Italian term for the fluffy, close knit clouds that look like a flock of sheep in the sky.

Wishing you all a brilliant weekend full of celestial delights!


Photo Fridays – The Artful Arbutus

Gabriola Grove

Gabriola Grove

“Follow me into the trees
I will lead the way”
Dave Grohl

Following up on yesterday’s post about trees, today I present a collection of photos of my favorite tree, the arbutus. Information about this tree and its growing pattern can be found here.

arbutus 29

Shall We Dance

One of the things I love most about arbutus is the way it twists and entwines itself around other trees to get to the light and the water.

arbutus 28

It’s Own Way

While other trees grow upright it follows its own path!


I Love You!

The original tree hugger! I love how the old bark peels away to reveal its smooth new skin, just like a snake!


Good Morning!

Of course trees talk to each other! The one on the left is just coming in from a swim.


On Golden Pond

Nothing better than a sip of lagoon water!

Candy Colored Branch

Candy Colored Branch

The colors are always amazing, from deepest reds to brightest greens!

More pics of arbutus here.

Have a great weekend and go out and hug a tree! To all my Canadian followers, have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Tuesday Tales – When Trees Talk

The language of Trees, 2, detail 2

The language of Trees, 2, detail 2

Tuesday flew by this week so my tale is playing catch up.

I love trees. I especially love arbutus trees. Their sinuous lines, rich color and smooth texture underneath their thin, peeling bark make them a striking presence in the woods. They love the sea and grow mostly within 3 miles of the ocean.  They thrive on crags and bluffs and love to twist towards the sun and literally hang out over water.

Last year I took part in a show called Human-Nature. This show explored our changing and profound relationship to nature and how it shines a light on our own human nature. I discuss the show in more detail here.

One of the works in the show was The language of Trees, 2, shown above and below. This piece began with the image of the trees, the straight fir and the twisting arbutus, dipping its branches down to the water. They seemed to be talking. In fact the shape they formed was reminiscent of Japanese Kanji. Because the arbutus are such water lovers, as am I, I decided to combine the image with some dried kelp found on the local beaches. The kelp in the work below is reminiscent of the Japanese hiragana for “su”, which ends every action word. Together these elements reference the voice of nature and and the importance of listening to and connecting with the natural world we live in.

Language of Trees, 2

The Language of Trees, 2

The Language of Trees, 2, detail 1

The Language of Trees, 2, detail 1

This piece is one of a pair. The Language of Trees, 1 is sold but I have made etchings of the tree images separately, as seen below. They are titled Kanji 1 and Kanji 2 .

Kanji 1

Kanji 1

Kanji 2

Kanji 2

The Language of Trees, 2,  a 16″x24″ mixed media piece, is offered this week for $250.
Kanji 1 and Kanji 2, 3.5″x5″ photopolyer gravure etchings, are offered this week for $$50 each or $90 for the pair.