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Tuesday Tales – A Question of Time

Time races forward

Streaming tendrils of the past

Gossamer weavings

A few years past I took part in a show with the theme of Interleaving.  Interleaving is a term traditionally used to describe translucent, protective papers between the pages of an often illustrated  book.

Thinking about the nature of the interleaf, of how it protects precious text and illustrations and of how its translucent fabric gives the smallest glimpse of what lies below, I began to see how time works in the same fashion. For time is the ultimate interleaf, acting as a shifting veil between past, present and future.

The passage of time is something I think about often. I view my life in distinct blocks of time, defined mostly by the places I have lived, which have been numerous. I see these as the building blocks from the past that determine who I am in the present. Yet I notice how time fades memory, eroding these blocks into weathered ruins that I revisit and treasure. My creative outpourings then become my interleavings, stemming the tide of time, forming a protective barrier to the inevitable loss of memory that it brings.

Sometimes my musings about time find their way into my artwork in unintended ways. The monotype illustrated here is an example of that. Done as a demo for a monotype class, it illustrates the projective power of abstract imagery. Working quickly and instinctively, my mind inevitably chose to follow a well worn path.



Beginning with the ‘ghost’ imagery of a previous monotype, most evident in the top left quarter with the faded leaf and crumbling pot, the reference to memory and left over objects in far away spaces is apparent. The roll of rich, dark, broken color across the bottom half takes on the shape of an ancient bridge or aqueduct, alluding to past worlds and cultures. The pale strip of land beyond and the veils of color on the right speak of distance and time and its obscuring effect. The addition of delicate leaves and thin blades of grass growing at the base of the ‘aqueduct’ bring us to the present, from which we ponder over our fragile connections to the past. The piece is titled Ruins.

Ruins, a monotype, measures 5″x7″ on 10″x11″ paper, and is offered this week only at $60, unframed.