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Photo Fridays – Hats, Hats, Hats!

Italian Hats

Roman Holiday

Do you ever feel like you’re wearing too many hats?

These days I feel like I’m juggling so many projects and everything on my to do list takes twice as long to complete as expected. Being sick with a bad cold all week hasn’t helped. Although it did allow me time to play Portal 2 all the way through again. Except for the final battle, can never beat Weasley on the final battle!

Anyway, wishing you all a lovely weekend, with the only hat needed one of these lovely sunhats! Ciao for now!



Photo Fridays – Here’s Looking At You Kid!

Here's Looking At You Kid!

Here’s Looking At You Kid!

This photo, taken by my awesome partner, D, totally encapsulates the fun of two shutterbugs travelling together. A few moments before this shot, D was shooting me from across a ledge in the Colosseum (see below). As he was shooting I was surrounded by a swarm of school kids who happily and, for the most part, blindly got in his shot. So we went with it and he got this amazing pic. Note the very cool kid with the thumb’s up behind me who made this photo the memorable one it is. Good times.

Cool Colosseum

Cool Colosseum