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Stop and Smell the Flowers

Bree With Fower

Bree With Fower

The other day I brought home a small but gorgeous bouquet of blooms and quickly set about photographing them. Placing them down on the floor in the sunlight, they naturally drew the attention of D’s curious cats.  Rather than shoo them away I took this opportunity to shoot some sweet candid shots of the kitties sniffing at the blooms. This one, above, of Bree is my favorite. She’s not totally in focus but I love the angles and how the soft focus reflects her gentle, hesitant approach to the flower.

A few photos of the flowers themselves follow.

Copy of IMG_7349-2

Copy of IMG_7353-3

Copy of IMG_7397-2

Copy of IMG_7473-3

Unfortunately I don’t know the names of these flowers. Does anyone here? Which are your favorite flowers?

Note: I’ve found out they are all chrysanthemums. The pink colors threw me off but I see now they come in all petal shapes and colors!