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What Makes A Show A Success?

Show set-up

Show set-up

The days after a big art event always fill me with a  multitude of feelings. From elation to disappointment and everything in between I am left thinking about how to improve or build on my success and, even more importanty, what makes an event a successful one.

This past weekend’s Stinking Fish Fall Show was no different. In many respects it was a resounding success. A large and steady stream of visitors braved the cold weather to come visit and buy from our eclectic group of artists. The atmosphere was festive and cheerful. I met with many friends and aquaintances and had some wonderful chats with new visitors. The artists were overwhelmed with the turnout and most were very pleased with their earnings for the weekend.

At the end, though, many of us  had an abundance of stock to take home, myself included. While my earnings were more than expected, I still only sold a handful of artworks out of many dozens on display. Happily, I did sell a large number of my new photography books.

So I was left thinking about what makes a successful show. Is it more important to sell a lot of product or to sell fewer, but to people with whom your work has resonated deeply? Are the connections made and exposure had of even greater importance? What about the pleasure the work has given to those who have seen and admired it, even sighing deeply while viewing it?

One dear and repeat visitor to the tour was overwhelmed to see all of these people whose work she so admires under one roof, and needed to take a break and revisit the next day. Many connected strongly with the images of Italy in my 2015 planner with the resultant conversations beling full of joy and recounted memories. Being close to Christmas many were holiday shopping and it was very touching to know that my pieces were chosen to be given to cherished friends and family as gifts, some being sent to faraway places.

The artists themselves got tremendous pleasure in sharing the event with each other, visiting with each other during the few quiet moments, buying or trading each other’s work, sharing laughter, food and stories. One later said it was the most fun she’d had in a long time. All agreed they wanted to do it again next year.

So in the end, I would have to say that, yes, it was a successful event, however much was sold, for it brought a community of artists together, in the process giving them this opportunity to share with a larger community their passion, creativity and joy. Hard to beat that!

Below is my set-up.

My space

Photos courtesy of Nicole Valentine-Rimmer.

Wishing you all a wonderful, creative week of sharing!



Tuesday Tales – Ornamental Wood

Ornamental Wood

Ornamental Wood

Every once in a while on a walk or run I will come across a small tree in the woods that has been decorated for the season. I marvel at the generosity of the person who has provided this beauty for all to enjoy, in total anonymity.

I saw this little fir on a cold January day in Prince George a few years back. It warmed my heart so much that I had to risk frost bitten fingers to capture a photo of it. I suppose you could call it a selfie for you can just barely make me out in the shiny ornaments on the tree. It’s more clear in the image below.

Winter in Prince George

Winter in Prince George

Another photo of the decorated tree is below.

Winter in Prince George 2

I offer up these images to you all as my Christmas greeting and wishes for a joyous holiday season!



Music Mondays – Gesu Bambino

Today will be the final Christmas song of the year, Gesu bambino (Baby Jesus). It is not only my favorite but one I think really captures the emotion, joy, anticipation and spirituality of the holiday. Pavarotti’s voice is once again magnificent and in the third act it combines with the choir to sublime heights!

Wishing you all the greatest peace and joy this Christmas!

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Music Mondays – The Voice of An Angel

No Christmas music collection is complete without this incredible performance by Luciano Pavarotti, O Holy Night at Notre Dame Church in Montreal in 1978. If you don’t have the dvd, go get it! Here are two of my favorites from that show. The first is Panis Angelicus (Bread of Angels) written by Thomas Aquinas and composed by Cesar Franck. While Pavarotti’s voice alone is wonderful, the beatific accompaniment of the choir make it sublime.

Schubert’s Mille Cherubini In Coro ( Choir of a A Thousand Cherubs) is probably the most beautiful lullaby ever composed. It is a song I often sang to my children at bedtime when they were little, though not nearly as beautifully as sung here by Pavarotti. The lyrics and their translation follows below.

Mille cherubini in coro
ti sorridono dal ciel.
Una dolce canzone
t’accarezza il crin
Una man ti guida lieve
fra le nuvole d’or,
sognando e vegliando
su te, mio tesor,
proteggendo il tuo cammin.

Dormi, dormi,
sogna, piccolo amor mio.
Dormi, sogna,
posa il capo sul mio cor.

Chiudi gli occhi,
ascolta gli angioletti,
dormi, dormi,
sogna, piccolo amor.

Chiudi gli occhi,
ascolta gli angioletti,
dormi, dormi,
sogna, piccolo amor.


A choir of a thousand cherubs
smiles on you from the sky.
A sweet song
caresses your brow.
A hand is gently guiding you
through the clouds of gold,
dreaming and keeping watch
over you, my treasure,
protecting your path through life.

Sleep, sleep,
dream my little love.
Sleep, dream,
rest your head on my breast.

Close your eyes,
listen to the little angels.
Sleep, sleep,
dream, my little love.

Close your eyes,
listen to the little angels,
sleep, sleep,
dream, my little love.

Dream, my little love.

If you want to see the entire concert online click here.

Wishing you all a beautiful week and may a choir of a thousand cherubs sing you to sleep!

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Music Mondays – Let Me Sleep

Was torn today between posting a Pearl Jam song since I will be seeing them on Wednesday night or  a Christmas song seeing as how it is just a few weeks away, so I decided to kill two birds with one stone.

Here is Let Me Sleep – (It’s Christmas Time) by Pearl Jam

And here’s another Pearl Jam favorite, to remind me that in this crazy busy season, with so much prepping for year end shows and events to be mindful and  Just Breathe.

Wishing everyone a great week!