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Heart Stone

In Your Heart 1

Heart’s Desire

Continuing my series of blended photos, this week I present three versions of an image for your perusal and judgement.

The first one, above, has the figure almost totally encased withtin the stone, with the heart-shaped hole acting like a window to the woman.

In the image below, I changed the layering to show more of the figure and clothing to make it appear like she is resting on the now softened landscape.

In Your Heart 2

Heart’s Desire 2

Finally I present a black and white version of the second layering. Generally I like strong contrast in my black and white images but I like the softness and glow in this one.

In Your Heart  3

Heart’s Desire 3

So what say you? Do you prefer one over the other? What makes it resonate for you?

Have an awesome weekend with your heart’s desire and take in the Aurora Borealis tonight if you’re in the right zones!


Photo Fridays- Welcome Home

Buon Appetito

Buon Appetito

Food photography is usually vibrant and colorful. My last photo of food was such.

Today I wanted to show something different. The colors in this photo were dim to begin with as it was late on a rainy afternoon. By removing the color and heightening the contrast I was able to focus on the steaming pasta and the shine of the plates and cutlery to create an ambience of warmth and happy homecoming.  There’s even a towel to dry the rain off. And who doesn’t like to come home to a warm plate of pasta?

Wishing you all warm homecomings this weekend.