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Music Mondays – Enjoy The Silence

An oldie but goodie today from one of my favorite bands.

Enjoy The Silence by Depeche Mode, one of their best live performances of this song. Would have loved to have been in Milan for this!

Enjoy the performance!



Music Mondays – When The Spirit Moves You

I just spent the weekend in quarantine, ie, home alone, nursing a bad cold, feeling quite sorry for myself so I decided to find something to cheer me up. Nothing beats this awesome old lady grooving to Runaround Sue. Though it sure must be hard to get her anywhere in a timely fashion! Enjoy!

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Music Mondays – One of These Days

They’re my favorite band yet I haven’t posted one of their songs in a long time. Here’s a blast from recent past, These Days by Foo Fighters. The video is clips of concert footage put to the album version of the song with a few moment of live play. It doesn’t even begin to capture the amazing energy at their live shows. Having been to four I can attest that they are one of the very best live bands in the world with the most charismatic frontman ever, Dave Grohl!  Enjoy!

And because this song just has to be heard live here is an awesome live version (added bonus, Dave does the wet t-shirt thing). Listen loud!

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Music Mondays – Be The One

Moby has for a long time been one of my favorite artists. His music has a haunting, often sad quality that I find helps me enter into “the zone” when I am working on my artwork. This song, Be The One, is particularly dark and intense, and the video, edited from a group of self shot clips while travelling, takes the art of the selfie to a whole new level.

The lyrics (see below) are four simple lines repeated throughout the song, creating a hypnotic chant that, combined with Moby’s intense and brooding stare and the intensifying music, draw you into his soul. The song is distressing and disconcerting, with a sense of heartache that is all too readily recognizable.

Be The One

I’ll never see what you wanted… love
I was the hell that you needed… oh
I was the one when you needed love
I was the one when you needed love

Please share your reactions to this song, and if you have any favorite Moby songs of your own.

What music helps you get into your zone?