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Solstice – The Return of the Light

Day 15-30-2

Stone Circle

Tomorrow marks the Winter Solstice. Beginning in the early morning hours, it marks the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere. Being an event of significance in the allignment of the stones at Stonehenge, I thought this would be a good time to feature images of my visit there this past August.

The day I visited the site was a gloomy, dark one with no moments of sunshine whatsoever, so I have no iconic photos of the sun shining through the stones to show you. The crowd surrounding the stones created its own photographic challenge. I was nonetheless left in awe of their magnificence and the extraordinary feat of engineering that created the henge. Built in the Neolithic Period, between 3000 and 2000 years ago, with gigantic stones brought all the way from Wales, this accomplishment boggles the mind. And with so few clues as to its purpose and the culture that built it, it remains an intriguing and mystical glimpse into our past.

The approach to the stones was a long one. Seeing the tops of the stones appear filled me with such excitement, only to be dimmed somewhat by the enormous crowd surrounding them, everyone intent on capturing selfies.

Day 15-49-2

First Sight

Day 15-29-2

All Those Bright Dots

It took a while to circle completely around the stones, with every few steps offering up a new view and composition to contemplate. While it was disappointing to not be able to enter into the circle, it did make it easier to take photos  and to absorb the splendour of the stones unimpeded by throngs of people. Below are a few close ups and stone vignettes.

Day 15-34-2

Through the Circle

Day 15-36-2

Beyond the Stones

Day 15-37-2

Birds of a Feather

Day 15-42-3


A full view of the stones without people was nearly impossible but the next photos come close.

Day 15-40-2

Full Circle

Day 15-48-2

Standing Stones

Some more photos from that day can be found here.

Wishing everyone here a Happy Solstice, and may the lenghtening of days bring light, joy and love into your hearts and lives.



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Online Art Sale Today!

Tuscan Sunrise

Tuscan Sunrise

This weekend I will be taking part in the Stinking Fish Fall Show, a two day event that I have been madly preparing for. In gratitude to all my online supporters, I am having an online pre-show and sale through my Facebook page.

The first piece on offer is this little gem, Tuscan Sunrise. It is a 5×5 photo etching mounted on board, with sides painted and waxed all around. This was the view out my window in the little town of Pancole that greeted me early one morning last spring when I was travelling in Italy. The vineyards and distant hills were awash in mist with little glints of sunshine peeping through to light up the scene. I was staying at Cesani Agriturismo, a little azienda that made its own olive oil and saffron. Both were luscious and used up all too soon. Time to head back? Side view is below.

Tuscan Sunrise, side view

Tuscan Sunrise, side view

This little ray of sunshine is offered today only at $50. Post here or contact me at if you would like to take it into your home.

Check out my Facebook Page for all further offers throughout the day.

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend full of sunshine!


Hot Off the Press! I Walk Along The Shore

I walk along the shore

My first book of photography, newly published on Blurb!

I Walk Along The Shore

Feeling both bleary eyed and elated, my book is up for sale after a very tiring few days of finshing up the book and uploading and preparing it for sale. Slugging through thousands of photographs to arrive at the final few that made the cut was brutal. What began as a twenty page book ballooned to twice that size. Designing the book was the fun part, and even with Blurb’s book making software, it required many precise adjustments of spacing, color and ordering. The final product is one I am proud to call my own.

The book features my photographs of Vancouver Island (with a few from Gabriola Island snuck in) accompanied by a few poems here and there, including a long one of the same name as the title. The words in the front flap of the book describe it best: “In these pages you will find weathered paths that wind through majestic trees, leading to rugged shores and pounding surf that sing with exuberant spirit. You will also see places filled with serenity and redolent with memory as you journey along with the author through her photographs of her Vancouver Island home.”

Please have a look and let me know what you think!

You can purchase it here.

I will also be ordering some soft cover and hard cover with dust jacket editions, so if you would like an autographed copy mailed to you just email me.


Stop and Smell the Flowers

Bree With Fower

Bree With Fower

The other day I brought home a small but gorgeous bouquet of blooms and quickly set about photographing them. Placing them down on the floor in the sunlight, they naturally drew the attention of D’s curious cats.  Rather than shoo them away I took this opportunity to shoot some sweet candid shots of the kitties sniffing at the blooms. This one, above, of Bree is my favorite. She’s not totally in focus but I love the angles and how the soft focus reflects her gentle, hesitant approach to the flower.

A few photos of the flowers themselves follow.

Copy of IMG_7349-2

Copy of IMG_7353-3

Copy of IMG_7397-2

Copy of IMG_7473-3

Unfortunately I don’t know the names of these flowers. Does anyone here? Which are your favorite flowers?

Note: I’ve found out they are all chrysanthemums. The pink colors threw me off but I see now they come in all petal shapes and colors!


Photo Fridays – Sea Sighed

Sombrio Giants

Sombrio Giants

The beauty and majesty of this world I am surrounded by continually amazes me. This is Sombrio Beach, less than an hour north by car. Below is Witty’s Lagoon, within walking distance. Think I’ll go for another walk soon.

Out For a Walk

Out For a Walk

More pics here.

Great weekend to all and get out and enjoy your world if you can!



Heart Stone

In Your Heart 1

Heart’s Desire

Continuing my series of blended photos, this week I present three versions of an image for your perusal and judgement.

The first one, above, has the figure almost totally encased withtin the stone, with the heart-shaped hole acting like a window to the woman.

In the image below, I changed the layering to show more of the figure and clothing to make it appear like she is resting on the now softened landscape.

In Your Heart 2

Heart’s Desire 2

Finally I present a black and white version of the second layering. Generally I like strong contrast in my black and white images but I like the softness and glow in this one.

In Your Heart  3

Heart’s Desire 3

So what say you? Do you prefer one over the other? What makes it resonate for you?

Have an awesome weekend with your heart’s desire and take in the Aurora Borealis tonight if you’re in the right zones!


Photo Fridays – Gabriola Sunset

sunset shadows

sunset shadows

Sunset is my favorite time to shoot. Shadows are long, sunbursts are magical, backlighting creates powerful contrasts and colors are rich and warm. No wonder it’s called the golden hour.

As promised here are some pics from Gabriola Island, taken at sunset, on a gloriously hot summer day. Enjoy and have a great weekend in the sunshine!


Tuesday Tales – We Are All Made of Stars







These three pieces are from a series of small, four inch square monotypes I made, using the ghost imagery of the previous work to build upon for the next. I created the works using two mylar circles of varying sizes which I inked and placed in different parts of the square whole. I used only two colors, black and yellow ochre in the pieces. The textures were created both by the printing process and the use of talcum powder as a resist. I liked the translucency achieved and from the first monotype I knew I would be creating heavenly bodies in space.

I once had the chance to chat with a Hungarian astronaut who had been out in space. I asked him about the light out there and he told me it was extraordinary yet hard to describe. It had a brightness and clarity that was not perceivable on earth because of our atmosphere, and it filled up space, with the dark areas serving as a wonderful foil to the light. I thought of this as I made these pieces, remembering that space was not dark and empty but a place filled with light and possibility.

I turned these pieces into the triptych below, wrapping the paper around wooden blocks, and called it Stars 3. The pieces are available individually for $50 each or all three for $110.

Stars 3

Stars 3

You can contact me at to purchase or for further information.

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Music Mondays- Rain!

I just ran in a deluge, so my thoughts today are on rain, and the first song that comes to mind with that is, of course, Rain by Madonna. What I’ve always liked about this song, other than its somewhat haunting melody, is, unlike many gloomy rain songs, its allusion to rain as something wonderful, cleansing and a harbinger of hope. “Your love’s coming down like rain…” So perfect. And did I mention that I love what the director, Mark Romanek, does with the video, including making it appear like awesome composer, Ryuchi Sakamoto, is directing it?

What’s your favorite rain related song?