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Painted Walls

It’s been six months since my last posting. Where has the time gone? On yes, into a studio renovation, and moving house!

The renovation came first, and neither are complete. Moving into an already completely furnished home while renovating a room for a studio space has meant living with a lot, and I mean a lot, of clutter. While the work is being done on the studio, all the studio furniture, including a large etching press and an extra toilet sit in wait all over the house. Combining two households into one has also required a purging and reorganization of mammoth proportions that has brought into play all our negotiation skills and forebearance.

The work is still incomplete but we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. The studio is painted and awaits the flooring, which is being made of local elm by my partner (now fiancé, yeah!). It is slow in coming due to other committments but I know it will be extraordinary, as all his wood projects are, and worth the wait.

Here are some photos of the project from start to present. The photo below shows the hole left by the indoor hot tub which we removed. Not an easy or pleasant job!


Hot tub hole

The adjoining bathroom was made much smaller, with change in flooring, walls and just about everything else!


Old bathroom

New wall was put up shrinking the bathroom and enlarging the studio space.


New wall going up.

Time for the drywall. We did it ourselves and it was hard work, especially the ceiling! The little green stickies were to see where little touch ups were needed.

Finally, after many months the first brush of paint went on!

Copy of IMG_1926

Cutting in

The walls are painted! How do you like the color? It looks very strong and warm here because of the fabulous sunset light.

Copy of IMG_1968

Shadow Selfie

Did I mention the gorgous view and adjoining deck?

Copy of IMG_1970

More updates to come! Meanwhile I wish everyone a wonderful weekend!






My New House Guests


After a long stint at INDEXG Gallery in Toronto my first art brownies have come home, and I like them here keeping me company in my kitchen. I think I will ask them to stay.


Him and Her


Have you had artwork returned to you only to discover that you are really glad they came home to stay?


Photo Fridays- Welcome Home

Buon Appetito

Buon Appetito

Food photography is usually vibrant and colorful. My last photo of food was such.

Today I wanted to show something different. The colors in this photo were dim to begin with as it was late on a rainy afternoon. By removing the color and heightening the contrast I was able to focus on the steaming pasta and the shine of the plates and cutlery to create an ambience of warmth and happy homecoming.  There’s even a towel to dry the rain off. And who doesn’t like to come home to a warm plate of pasta?

Wishing you all warm homecomings this weekend.

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Photo Fridays- When Eagles Sing



I’m away again, this time only briefly to attend a concert. So while I’m off enjoying The Eagles my daughter will be trying to sell off my unwanted treasures at our neighborhood garage sale. Hopefully none of the stuff above finds its way out the door! Cheers and great weekend to all!


Photo Fridays – Summer Is Served

Summer Is Served

Summer Is Served

A salad is one of my favorite meals; light, crunchy, sweet and tangy flavors exploding in your mouth, and always easy on the digestion. They’re very pretty to behold too.  The other evening when I prepared this salad and placed it on a countertop with the sunlight streaming over it I had to photograph it…a lot! I think I took almost 200 photos of it from various angles, playing with the shapes and shadows formed by the sun. D was very kind to let me use his camera while waiting patiently for his supper, which he said was very delicious.

Below are some more pics from the salad shoot.

Ready to Eat

Ready to Eat

Shadow Play With Bowl

Shadow Play With Bowl

Lovely Greens

Lovely Greens

Of course I had to shoot the emptied bowl as well, a lovely one with dragonfly motif by local potter Ann Semple at Clayfoot Crockery.

After Dinner Blues

After Dinner Blues

Dragonfly Bowl

Dragonfly Bowl

Wishing you all a lovely weekend full of light and good eats!