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Kauai Kool



Kalalau Valley Lookout

The last time I visited Hawaii’s island of Kauai was fourteen years ago, when I spent an idyllic month on its breathtaking North Shore with my children. Two weeks ago I returned with my fiancé, wishing to share our love of this island with each other. While there we had our share of adventures (including an extraordinarily thrilling and moving helicopter ride over the breadth of this magnificant island) and misadventures (notably a slip and fall while hiking the infamous Kalalau Trail that resulted in a dislocated elbow (his) followed by a taxing, and  harrowing walk out of the trail). More on that misadventure in a later post.

What we mostly shared, though, was an umbrella, for it rained and rained. Not the quick tropical shower followed by a beautiful rainbow (though we did see a few of those), the rains were the kind that lasted all day and night, often accompanied by howling winds. This made our beach time less than idyllic, particularly after the elbow dislocation, which meant keeping the elbow splint dry. It was also the reason for the fall and dislocation, having made the trail slick with mud.

Fortunately the rain was warm and it made for some very surreal swims and atmospheric photos. Every break in the rain brought a new stormy and dramatically lit scene to photograph.


Hanalei Sunset

The winter seas were also high and roiling, with crashingly beautiful waves.


Surf’s Up!

With such drama, I decided to create an album of Kauai photos with the colour reduced to near black and white, to highlight the beauty of this extraordinary island that lies beyond bright tropical colours. You can see all the photos here. Enjoy!

Please share your experiences of Hawaii below!