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Crossing Over – Into Love

Crossing Over_photogravure_8x10a

Some love stories begin with a spark, like the lighting of a match. Others are a slow simmer, like a soup that warms your insides. However they develop, they invariably arrive at a moment when a barrier is lowered, hearts are opened and a realization is made that this person matters and this relationship has crossed over into one of significance and beauty.

This artwork illustrates that moment of crossing over and that intoxicating feeling of heady joy when two people open themselves to the possibility and beauty that this love proffers.

The title also has a literal context, as the image is from a selfie taken while on a ferry crossing. Taken early on in a relationship it will always remain a wonderful memory of that beginning time when the world opens up and becomes full of promise and beauty.

This piece, an 8″x10″ monoprint on paper mounted on board, is one of several that I will be showing in the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria‘s Love At First Glance small works show, running Feb 4 to 17, 2016. Hope to see you there!

Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Massey Gallery
1040 Moss Street, Victoria, BC