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Solstice – The Return of the Light


Day 15-30-2

Stone Circle

Tomorrow marks the Winter Solstice. Beginning in the early morning hours, it marks the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern hemisphere. Being an event of significance in the allignment of the stones at Stonehenge, I thought this would be a good time to feature images of my visit there this past August.

The day I visited the site was a gloomy, dark one with no moments of sunshine whatsoever, so I have no iconic photos of the sun shining through the stones to show you. The crowd surrounding the stones created its own photographic challenge. I was nonetheless left in awe of their magnificence and the extraordinary feat of engineering that created the henge. Built in the Neolithic Period, between 3000 and 2000 years ago, with gigantic stones brought all the way from Wales, this accomplishment boggles the mind. And with so few clues as to its purpose and the culture that built it, it remains an intriguing and mystical glimpse into our past.

The approach to the stones was a long one. Seeing the tops of the stones appear filled me with such excitement, only to be dimmed somewhat by the enormous crowd surrounding them, everyone intent on capturing selfies.

Day 15-49-2

First Sight

Day 15-29-2

All Those Bright Dots

It took a while to circle completely around the stones, with every few steps offering up a new view and composition to contemplate. While it was disappointing to not be able to enter into the circle, it did make it easier to take photos  and to absorb the splendour of the stones unimpeded by throngs of people. Below are a few close ups and stone vignettes.

Day 15-34-2

Through the Circle

Day 15-36-2

Beyond the Stones

Day 15-37-2

Birds of a Feather

Day 15-42-3


A full view of the stones without people was nearly impossible but the next photos come close.

Day 15-40-2

Full Circle

Day 15-48-2

Standing Stones

Some more photos from that day can be found here.

Wishing everyone here a Happy Solstice, and may the lenghtening of days bring light, joy and love into your hearts and lives.



Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

8 thoughts on “Solstice – The Return of the Light

  1. Sounds like a wonderful experience even with the crowds.

  2. I experience something similar in Machu Picchu a number of years ago – this sense of awe and then almost bewilderment at the crowds. I have said it befor when looking at these photographs of you time at stonehenge, I like the mystery of the heavy greys. You know how to handle this light beautifully from your time in the west coast Chiarina and it shows! Happy Winter Solstice!

    • Yes, Terrill, I felt that mixture of awe and annoyance several times on this trip, usually around old historic sites. The ironic thing is I probably did my share of annoying with my picture taking. While I tried to be patient and aware of others around me I’m sure I got in some others way at times. Thank you for your kind comments on my photos. On this occasion I played with the aperture more than usual, at times going for wide open letting lots of light in and then vice versa to get different effects and moods, trying to make lemonade out of the lemon weather! Happy Solstice to you too!

  3. Beautiful photos Chiarina, you did manage to keep people out of your photos! I always love to hear all the stories of how those ancient wonders were built, would love to visit one day! Thanks for sharing Chiarina and happy holidays to you and D!

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  5. Hello, I have left a humble recognition to you of that we make circulate in Wp. It is a gratefulness in the delightful time that you have provided to me.
    Congratulations and my better desires.

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