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Latest Artwork – Sneak Peak


Untitled, detail

Untitled, detail

Today I have the unusual situation of having the exact number of followers of this blog as I do Facebook fans. They’re not large numbers but together they represent a sizable number of people who find my artwork interesting enough to follow and engage in with me.

To thank you all I am giving you a sneak peak into my latest work. It is one that has spent a lot of time percolating in my head. The central image is an 11″x16″ photogravure I have partially printed once before. It is surrounded by a large abstract monotype and the entire piece measures 18″x24″. As always the result on paper is not exactly what I had imagined but I am enjoying the bright colors and am very pleased with it. It is as yet unfinished and untitled. Maybe you might have some ideas for a title?

Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

3 thoughts on “Latest Artwork – Sneak Peak

  1. Wow! I LOVE, and am so inspired by, the gorgeous colors…as I am mesmerized by the intimacy of the image, Chia. Stunning. Wondering if there will be others like this to follow….Thank you for the beauty. xo p.s. Just viewed the earlier image, also beautiful–this one feels lighter, fresh–triggering for me this association of biting into some luscious fruit, like a peach or melon, juicy, yummy….

  2. Hi Chloe, thanks so much for your lovely and enthusiastic comments! I must have been inspired by my recent trip to Hawaii with its luscious sunshine and colors. The imagery surrounding the figure is actually inspired by a lotus garden I visited in New Zealand last year. I’ll post the entire image soon! (pics are still in my camera) Have a lovely Easter weekend!

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