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Landscape of a Woman Series


Landscape of a Woman, 2

Landscape of a Woman, 2

Last night I decided to play with some old pics taken with my previous camera. These were smaller sized photos, with quite a few slightly blurred, hand-held selfies. I wanted to challenge myself to see whether I could resurrect some life into them.

I cropped this one and layered it with a landscape I shot recently. I then did the same with the photo below.

Landscape of a Woman, 3

Landscape of a Woman, 3

I had done the same with a previous image here.

What do you think? Do I have the beginnings of a series?

Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

12 thoughts on “Landscape of a Woman Series

  1. Beautiful images. Great effect.

  2. You might have the start of an interesting theme. I’ve posed some thoughts that might help
    in a separate message to you. Wayne

    • Hi Wayne,
      Thanks for following my blog (finally!). 🙂 I’m not sure I have a message with these pieces. Was just trying out different things and it seemed to develop intuitively. I think I am using the landscape imagery as metaphor for what is going on inside the person’s heart and mind and it can be interpreted by the viewer, according to how it resonates. The elements of these particular landscapes are turbulent in shape but in actuality quite hard and fixed, though the erosion of time and sea and wind is strong and ever changing the formations. I think I am playing with the push/pull of permanence and change, affecting forces and innate strengths, light and shadow, mystery and transparency. I like the contrast of the hard landscape and softly blurred human forms in the second image, and how the landscape in the first image appears to be etching itself onto the figure on the first piece, the way time and experience etches itself onto th human face. I also like the fragility and pathos in that first image. It’s a characteristic of our human condition that I am drawn to and seem compelled to portray. Thanks for pushing me to think about it. Would love to hear your thoughts.

  3. Love these images, you’ve blended them to a very captivating effect. And the explication that you’ve written in response to Wayne’s comment adds so much. One thing to add, or maybe it’s there and I missed it, is how evocative the images are of the human soul merging with the “soul” of nature, whether one interprets that spiritually or psychologically, one can experience one’s being as an overlay of the natural world (the words aren’t coming at the moment, but perhaps you grasp what I’m trying to get at).

    • I absolutely get what you’re saying, and I love that it resonates with you this way. We are a part of nature and the way we live in it and respond to it directly affects our being, just as we affect it by being one of its parts. Thanks for your comment, Cnawan!

  4. I wonder about taking your explication, rendering it into free verse or just lyrical prose, and interspersing the lines with these and additional photos in the series, each photo meant to capture/convey the feel of one of the different concepts you touch upon …it would take about 10 or so photos to cover them all ….it would be very powerful.

  5. One last comment on this, I Love the title, “Landscape of a Woman”, but at that same time I also love that you haven’t made this about gender issues or gender specific issues, at least in your explication there has been no mention of that, and, don’t get me wrong, while that could be the focus of another blended landscape and woman series, which would also be very powerful, focusing upon the basic the human experience, it’s kind of framing it as “woman as humanity” instead of “woman as gender”. Though of course, using the feminine form rather than the male form, still renders it as an experience of the feminine. Hmmm….maybe I’m talking in circles now…

  6. Amazing shot balance of color and effects

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