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Photo Fridays – The End is the Beginning


My First Studio

My First Studio

Endings are just beginnings for something new. This is the thought I hold fast to as I contemplate leaving my art studio.

About seven years ago I opened the School House Studio, forming an artist co-op with three other artists. It was in the Metchosin Elementary School, the old portion of which had been converted into The Metchosin Arts and Cultural Center. The image above is of me standing outside the door to my studio, early on, when we were the only renters and before the building got a facelift.

Since that time an art gallery and other studios have opened, and some have closed, and my studio mates have changed numerous times. Below is an image of an early incarnation of the studio.

School House Studio

School House Studio

In addition to being a place to create my own art, the studio has served as a place for me to teach printmaking and drawing classes, host art events and shows, film video clips, have photo shoots and of course, share a cup of tea with many who have visited. It has often felt like a second home and has been a refuge from the world when I needed one. More images of the studio in use below.

The etching press

The etching press

Inking a plate

Inking a plate

Printmaking class

Printmaking class

It is with very mixed feelings that I say goodbye to this studio which has been a huge part of my life for a long time. Just like with a home, I must put aside any dreams for a future there as I move away. But unlike a home I will take with me the community of artists and art lovers that I have become a part of through the studio into my new work space. In the end, it is this community that forms the foundation for my future more than any place.

I will be leaving the studio at the end of April. If you are in the neighborhood do stop in for a cup of tea before then.
I will also be having a huge closing studio sale on April 12 from 1-5pm. There will be tons of artwork, and other art related stuff like frames and tables, for sale. Yes, I am very prolific! There will also be an online sale on Friday, the 11th. More details to follow.

Wishing everyone a wonderful, creative weekend!




Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

7 thoughts on “Photo Fridays – The End is the Beginning

  1. Oh, Chia, I love seeing your beautiful creative haven and I understand how many emotions you must be experiencing. Yet, your wisdom has spoken: “In the end, it is this community that forms the foundation for my future more than any place.” I wish you all the best in your newest chapter–I am certain that your talent, creativity and vision will help you build another magical space. xoxo

    • Thank you so much, Chloe. Your encouragement is always so much appreciated. I’m quite excited about this new chapter in my creative life and the possibilities it holds. The studio though feels like an old robe that you hate to part with but know you must at some point. xo

  2. looking forward to more fun workshops in your new space, Chiarina.. please let me know where we will find you.

  3. congratulations
    good luck
    your new space

  4. Chia, I invited you to the Writing Process Blog Hop–if you would like to jump in, the info is in my post of that name (3/29). I would love to learn more about your writing process. Xo

    • I saw that last night. Thanks so much for including me. I’m fighting a lousy cold right now but I’ll get on it as soon as my head stops throbbing. Cheers and thanks again for your kind words!

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