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Tuesday Tales – Two In The Wood


 Two in the Wood

Two In The Wood

Today is my birthday and as I count my blessings, not only do I run out of fingers and toes, but one of them stands out shining brightly. So I dedicate this post to D, who shelters me in his home in the woods and in his warm, abiding heart.

This piece was created several years ago when I first began exprerimenting with monotypes. It is primarily brayer and palette knife work with added collage of printed handmade papers. The contrasting light and dark elements is a study of opposites attracting and complimenting each other, allowing each to shine against one another. It has special meaning for me today as I was gifted with this beautiful quote.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”
Og Mandino

Two in the Wood, a 10″x12″ monotype on 15″x20″ paper, is offered this week at $200, unframed.

Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – Two In The Wood

  1. Your work is fascinating! I simply have to look several times – again and again. Colours, structure, contrasts, material – the general impression. Great! – And I would like to send you my best wishes for your birthday! Many happy returns!


  2. Gorgeous, all of it…comme toujours. xo

  3. My birthday is also November 19. So I say Happy Birthday to you! And I love this piece. It says – autumn – to me, and this is my favorite season, I think – not necessarily because of my birthday, but I have always felt it is my time of year.

    Here is to a wonderful next 12 months, until next November 19. More art. More thoughts. Many good people in our lives. Gratitude for all of this!

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