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Tuesday Tales – The Beauty of Bamboo



                                                    The forest turns pale
                                           As November drops its veil
                                                              Cool gossamer days

Bamboo is one of my favorite subjects to paint. I talked about how it is a symbol for resilience here.
Apart from the symbolism, I love its beauty and strength, both as a single trunk with its ridged sections and as a grove, forming an elegant swath of green reaching for the sky and swaying together in the wind. Anyone who has seen the fight in bamboo forest scene in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon will agree it’s a special tree.

I first learned to paint it while studying sumie in Japan. Back then I painted it with brush and ink, learning to move my hand and brush just so to get the lines of trunk and leaves right. These days I use a different approach, with brayers of varying size, to portray the grove in all its glory. I like the way the brayer gives the trunks a rounded look while keeping the vertical lines and segmentations. I also like the use of color, not so easy with sumi ink.

Glimmering, above, is actually a cropped ghost of the piece below. The pale colors give a shimmering effect, as though seeing the bamboo grove through a mist. It alludes to the mystery and etherealness of life. Together We Stand, below, emphasizes the tight grouping of the trees, showing how together they form a strong and beautiful whole, bonding against adversity.

Together We Stand

Together We Stand

                                             For the bamboo grove
                                       Bending in the wind as one
                                                      Finds the strength to bear

Glimmering, a 10″x12″ monotype, is offered this week at $150, unframed
Together We Stand, a 12″x16″ monotype, is offered this week at $200 unframed.

Contact me at to purchase or for further info.



Music Mondays – An Enchanted Birthday

This birthday has been a special one, capped off by an evening of music from South Pacific performed by our Victoria Symphony  and Pacific Opera. Here’s one of the best songs from that show, the classic  Some Enchanted Evening.


Tuesday Tales – Two In The Wood

 Two in the Wood

Two In The Wood

Today is my birthday and as I count my blessings, not only do I run out of fingers and toes, but one of them stands out shining brightly. So I dedicate this post to D, who shelters me in his home in the woods and in his warm, abiding heart.

This piece was created several years ago when I first began exprerimenting with monotypes. It is primarily brayer and palette knife work with added collage of printed handmade papers. The contrasting light and dark elements is a study of opposites attracting and complimenting each other, allowing each to shine against one another. It has special meaning for me today as I was gifted with this beautiful quote.

“I will love the light for it shows me the way. Yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.”
Og Mandino

Two in the Wood, a 10″x12″ monotype on 15″x20″ paper, is offered this week at $200, unframed.


From a Poet’s Heart – for the late bloomers

for the late bloomers.

A beautiful poem by Sirena Tales  that couldn’t have arrived on a more serendipitous day for this late blooming November child!

Thank you, Chloe, for the continued magic of your poetry.


Music Mondays – Slowwwwww It Down

Today’s song is one of Coldplay’s lovely tender pieces that I was lucky to see performed on stage. It’s lyrics are particularly poignant for me as another birthday looms and,  following it, big changes in the new year.

Please life won’t you just slow down a little?

Us Against the World by Coldplay

And below is the magic these boys create on stage. Enjoy.

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Photo Fridays – Capo Bianco

Capo Bianco

Capo Bianco

With the days getting shorter and colder, beach time is becoming harder to find. So I offer these photos of Capo Bianco beach on the island of Elba in Tuscany to remind me to take advantage of every moment. That day was very breezy and not particularly warm but we made the most of it, wrapped up in swearters ( and that scarf), watching the birds circling above and the clouds rolling in.

Elba Water

Elba Water

Cool Capo

Cool Capo

Flying High

Flying High

Great weekend to all!


Tuesday Tales – Persimmon



November is persimmon season for me. As a child I was accustomed to seeing the mediterranean ones in the grocery stores, the big oval shaped squishy ones that I never really developed a fondness for. When I lived in Japan, however, I was introduced to their fuyu persimmons, a non astringent variety that is edible when still firm. Not only is the texture of the fuyu wonderfully crunchy but the taste is divine.

While in Japan I  also became aquainted with the persimmon tree. It is a wide, bushy tree with large floppy leaves that turn the most extraordinary colors in the fall. Once the leaves fall the tree is left with an adornment of bright orange persimmons looking like miniature pumpkins that is quite a lovely and singular sight to behold. Even in the big concrete metropolis that is Tokyo these lovely persimmon trees could be seen everywhere poking out over walls and fences, announcing the final fall harvest.

Fuyu persimmons and their trees can be found all over North America now, and several years ago when I had a large garden I planted a tree and waited patiently for the fruit to come. It took eight years for the first fruit to grow and when they did I made sure I photographed their beauteous bounty. The watercolour at the top is one I made from that first harvest. While most of the painting is watercolour I included some sumi ink work to connect the piece to my time spent in Japan, where I first fell in love with this tree and its fruit.

Persimmon, an 11″x14″ watercolor and ink painting, is offered this week at $200. You can contact me at for further information or to purchase.