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Tuesday Tales – In And Around The Lake


In and Around the Lake

In and Around the Lake

This piece is an early mixed-media monotype, created as a semi abstract, impressionistic landscape. It is one of my first prints to be embellished with oil pastels. Most of the creamy pastel work is in the water but there is enough of the paper and printed texture left to shine through in little glints of light. I don’t remember if I made this piece in the fall but it has very autumny colors. We don’t get the rich smorgasbord of color out West as they do in the East so the odd punch of color really stands out. This image is more reminiscent of the blaze of colours I grew up with. The title also comes from a song popular “back then”. Any guesses?

In And Around The Lake, a 10″x10″ mixed media monotype is offered this week for $150.
You can contact me at for more info or to purchase.

Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – In And Around The Lake

  1. As soon as I scrolled down and saw this in my reader I said WOW! I really love the colours and the composition, thank you for sharing this ;o)

  2. Gorgeous. Especially love all of the textures–luscious. So, Chia, as I gazed at this for a few minutes, I had the strong and surprising experience of SCENT. Not sure why, perhaps because of the rich visual imagery, but I could smell the damp earth, moldering leaves, wet lake, a hint of a wood fire, fresh air heavy with chill…Thank you for the lovely ride. xo p.s. “Roundabout” by Yes?

    • It probably evoked some memories in you, Chloe, and memory is strongly tied to scent. Your descriptions invoke memories of Japan in the fall to me! Especially hiking through the countryside around Tokyo where the autumn colors were very rich and where we could buy wood fire roasted sweet potato sticks from outdoor vendors. And ‘yes’, you guessed the song right! 🙂

  3. roundabout, by Yes … my uncle loved that band. tony

  4. love the composition …
    creating dynamic

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