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Tuesday Tales – When Trees Talk


The language of Trees, 2, detail 2

The language of Trees, 2, detail 2

Tuesday flew by this week so my tale is playing catch up.

I love trees. I especially love arbutus trees. Their sinuous lines, rich color and smooth texture underneath their thin, peeling bark make them a striking presence in the woods. They love the sea and grow mostly within 3 miles of the ocean.  They thrive on crags and bluffs and love to twist towards the sun and literally hang out over water.

Last year I took part in a show called Human-Nature. This show explored our changing and profound relationship to nature and how it shines a light on our own human nature. I discuss the show in more detail here.

One of the works in the show was The language of Trees, 2, shown above and below. This piece began with the image of the trees, the straight fir and the twisting arbutus, dipping its branches down to the water. They seemed to be talking. In fact the shape they formed was reminiscent of Japanese Kanji. Because the arbutus are such water lovers, as am I, I decided to combine the image with some dried kelp found on the local beaches. The kelp in the work below is reminiscent of the Japanese hiragana for “su”, which ends every action word. Together these elements reference the voice of nature and and the importance of listening to and connecting with the natural world we live in.

Language of Trees, 2

The Language of Trees, 2

The Language of Trees, 2, detail 1

The Language of Trees, 2, detail 1

This piece is one of a pair. The Language of Trees, 1 is sold but I have made etchings of the tree images separately, as seen below. They are titled Kanji 1 and Kanji 2 .

Kanji 1

Kanji 1

Kanji 2

Kanji 2

The Language of Trees, 2,  a 16″x24″ mixed media piece, is offered this week for $250.
Kanji 1 and Kanji 2, 3.5″x5″ photopolyer gravure etchings, are offered this week for $$50 each or $90 for the pair.

Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – When Trees Talk

  1. Ah, what a stunning piece, Chia. Your stunning art work, discussion of your process and inspiration, and of course, the sea whispering her magic through it all. I wish I lived closer to see your shows in person, but am grateful for your sharing here. Happy Weekend to you! xo

    • Thank you so much Chloe for your continued and enthusiastic support. Hopefully my work will some day come to a gallery or show near you! Happy weekend to you too!

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