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Tuesday Tales – A Week In Provence


En Provence

En Provence

Last September I spent a week in Provence. I could have happily stayed a month, or three. While there I visited several of their most beautiful “perched” villages, spent two days hiking and sunbathing on the Mediterranean, hiked a breathtaking “falaise” and the extraordinary Colorado Provençal and delighted in some delectable local markets. Of course I took an enormous amount of pictures. But some of my favorite pictures and best times were from almost right outside my door in the village of Les Grands Cléments. Navigating its narrow streets by car was always an adventure. Much more enjoyable was taking a stroll and meeting its friendly residents. This avenue of trees, with the ripening vineyards and view to Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt beyond was glorious in the evening light and it has become one of my favorite prints ever. Apart from the beauty I see in the image, the memory it holds of an enchanting time and place is very dear to me. Images of Les Grands Cléments can be seen here.

En Provence, a 5″x7″ photopolymer gravure etching on 8″x10″ paper is offered this week at $80 unframed, or $100 framed.


Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – A Week In Provence

  1. So rich and beautiful. Thank you for the inspiration!

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