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Photo Fridays – Luscious Last Days of Summer

Luscious Red

Luscious Red

This is my final photo posting for the summer. But when does autumn actually start? A google search showed up some interesting facts. Apparently the astronomical fall for the northern hemisphere starts on Sunday, September 22. But the autumnal equinox may vary from year to year according to climate so it may not align with the astronomical date. This year’s equinox is at exactly 20:44 on September 22. Next year’s will be on the 23rd at 02:29.

Here’s wishing you a fabulous weekend and last days of summer!



Yesterday I happened to read this beautiful poem just as the  song below began to play and somehow the two together meshed into something much more powerful and soul stirring. I’ve always loved the REM song but somehow hearing it sung operatically in Italian brought it to another level and because the words were not imediately recognizable I could read the poem instead while listening and this made the poem that much more poignant and beautiful. I encourage you to do the same and also to follow this lovely blog by a sensitive and beautiful soul.

And just for reference, here is the original REM song with its extraordinary video which also coincidently has added words that raise the poignancy of the song.


Tuesday Tales – Fire And Wind

Fire And Wind

Fire And Wind

      Finding strength of stone
In softly bending bamboo
               Wind passes over

I’m taking a break this week from my photo based art to present a recent monotype that incorporates some of my favorite subjects and themes, bamboo and time.

Bamboo, with its ability to bend but not break in strong wind, is a symbol for resilience. I have used it often in this context. It is one of four plants called the Four Gentlemen in Chinese art because its growth character resembles those human qualities considered virtuous or noble.

Pottery is another motif that I love to use both for its beauty and its allusion to time and culture. I blogged about that in more detail here.

The two together evoke a sense of fortitude and strength through adversity and a tranquility and beauty that instill a feeling of serenity.

The shape of this vase is inspired by one that I bought at Gallery Shun in Japan many years ago, made by Margaret Frith, a Welsh potter. I have used it in several pieces, as in the one below, which includes another of the Four Gentlemen, the plum blossom.

Plum Blossom

Plum Blossom

Perhaps I should complete the set and use it in artworks with chrysanthemums and orchids?

Fire And wind, a 10″x10″ monotype on 15″x22′ paper, is offered this week at $200, unframed.


Photo Fridays – Autumn Leaves

Autumn Shades

Autumn Shades

While yesterday was spent soaking up the last of the summer sun, these harbingers of autumn were already strewn across the stony beach in glorious color. Of course I had to shoot them.


Autumn Riot


Autumn Beach

Wishing you all a glorious last weekend of summer!


Tuesday Tales – A Week In Provence

En Provence

En Provence

Last September I spent a week in Provence. I could have happily stayed a month, or three. While there I visited several of their most beautiful “perched” villages, spent two days hiking and sunbathing on the Mediterranean, hiked a breathtaking “falaise” and the extraordinary Colorado Provençal and delighted in some delectable local markets. Of course I took an enormous amount of pictures. But some of my favorite pictures and best times were from almost right outside my door in the village of Les Grands Cléments. Navigating its narrow streets by car was always an adventure. Much more enjoyable was taking a stroll and meeting its friendly residents. This avenue of trees, with the ripening vineyards and view to Saint-Saturnin-lès-Apt beyond was glorious in the evening light and it has become one of my favorite prints ever. Apart from the beauty I see in the image, the memory it holds of an enchanting time and place is very dear to me. Images of Les Grands Cléments can be seen here.

En Provence, a 5″x7″ photopolymer gravure etching on 8″x10″ paper is offered this week at $80 unframed, or $100 framed.

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Photo Fridays- When Eagles Sing



I’m away again, this time only briefly to attend a concert. So while I’m off enjoying The Eagles my daughter will be trying to sell off my unwanted treasures at our neighborhood garage sale. Hopefully none of the stuff above finds its way out the door! Cheers and great weekend to all!

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The Mirror

Some real food for thought here on the role, and power, of art courageously created.

Stone of Destiny

She crouched in the middle of the gallery floor and we stood outside, watching her. She clung to that spot, naked, neither posed nor at rest, her face turned away from us in base humiliation.

And yet she was looking right at us, her green eyes meeting our own, challenging and defiant.

She looked so alone in that barren space, separated from the rest of us by the windows and the locked glass door.

I wondered how it must feel for her as we crowded around her in the confined space of the gallery floor, looking down on her in mingled loathing, and confusion, and lust.

We had talked about her plan a few days before. At the appointed hour, she would lock herself inside the student gallery (having reserved it for the week) and then disrobe. Lined up in a semicircle around her perch, a row of…

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Tuesday Tales – September Fields

September Fields

September Fields

                      Racing through the fields
         Leaving memories behind
                                September sojourn

As September returns this week I am reminded of last year’s autumn adventures in France that began with this lovely bed and breakfast, Le Four A Sel, in the Dordogne region, land of foie gras, chateaux perched on river banks and fields of ripening corn. The view to our b&b from across these fields was so lovely it begged an etching. The memories of time spent in them, as well as eating at La Table d’Aubas,  the towns of Montignac and beautiful, medieval Sarlat, kayaking on the Dordogne River and visiting the numerous chateaux, will remain with us forever.

Pics from Dordogne, France can be seen here.

September Fields, a 5’x 8′ photopolymer gravure etching is offered this week at $75 unframed, or $100 framedin an 8″x10″ frame.