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Tuesday Tales – Sea




Summer sweltering
Melting popsicles and dreams
August stars race past

Summer is still upon us, though these days it seems to be breathing its last breath. While the sun valiantly heats up our days the coolness in the shade augurs Autumn’s eminent arrival. Here on the west coast the evenings are always cool but while cloud and rain are the norm for much of the year, the summer skies are awash in stars in the summer months. And there is no better place to view the evening sky then by the sea where the stars and moon send down a rain of diamonds onto the water.

This print is an early one of mine, when I first began to experiment with monotype.  Monotypes are prints made from working paint on a smooth surface; usually plexiglass, metals or prepared mat board. The paint is then transferred to the printmaking paper through the pressure of a press.  A monotype is unique in the world of printmaking in that it is a unique, non editionable print, for once the paint is removed from the original surface there is no etched image left to create further prints. Why not work directly on the paper you may ask? The answer is that working on a plate gives you a sharp edge and indentation to the image, and more importantly, the process of squeezing the paint onto the paper with the press results in wonderful textures in the work unobtainable with direct painting. This print was worked mostly with a palette knife and brayer, with a bit of softening of edges with a brush. The little rectangle with kanji on the bottom left corner was a piece of mylar inked separately and layered on top. The kanji is “umi” which means sea or ocean in Japanese. I wanted to portray the shimmering light on the water from a night sky, though it just as easily can be seen as light after stormy weather. I hoped to render it abstract enough to let the viewer’s imagination take him wherever he sees. Where do you find it taking you?

Sea, a 10″x12″ monotype, is offered this week for $180 unframed.


Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

10 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – Sea

  1. you image
    takes me
    night swimming
    haunting texture

  2. Ooooo, I love this post, Chia! The wistful haiku, learning about your process and the gorgeous print…delicious. I experience movement and shooting stars. Thank you. xo

  3. So so beautiful, Chiarina. Deep peace from this piece!

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