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Tuesday Tales – Room With A View


Room With A View, 2

Room With A View, 2

The beaches on this island are insanely beautiful: rugged, diverse, never crowded and always overlooking the most spectacular sea views. While they vary is size, shape and proportion of sand to stone, the one thing they mostly have in common is a proliferation of beached and bleached driftwood. One of the games I still like to play on the beach is to walk the entire length along these logs, trying not to step off onto the sand.  Another thing that fascinates me are the numerous shelters that people continually construct out of the driftwood. Of course I like to photograph these structures.

Invariably they find their way into my artwork, as in the piece above. Several years ago I convinced my daughter and her boyfriend to literally sit for me in one of these shelters while I took numerous photographs of them gazing out onto the view. I combined one of these photos with a couple of shots of other large shelters to create this piece which I titled Room With A View. This is a second, ghost print of this image. Being an outdoor room I decided to frame the piece out of the box, wrapping the paper around a wooden cradle and then waxing it for protection from the elements. You can see more of the side below.

Room With A View, 2

Room With A View, 2

The poems below capture the feelings that this piece evokes in me.

Long hot lazy days
Reading sci-fi on the beach
July, times gone by

Summer sweltering
Melting popsicles and dreams
August stars race past

Room With A View, 2 , a 12″x16″ photopolymer gravure etching, will be for sale on my Escape Into Life Art Store shortly at $550, but for this week I am offering it here for $400.


Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – Room With A View

  1. Beautiful piece and fitting poems for today Chiarina – with the peace of summer filling the morning stillness. A pair of geese fly over the pond below the house as I write this, a calling to fall that is but a few weeks away.

  2. What an enchanting post, Chia–thank you. Love the inspiration by the ocean and hearing about the intriguing manmade structures, your prints and how you framed the ghost print, and the lovely, wistful poems. Cheers!

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