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Tuesday Tales – Look Through My Window


Look Up

Look Up

I love photographing people at windows. My very first photoshoot and figurative artwork were of myself at a window. The decision to shoot in this location was both practical and conceptual. I wanted to shoot indoors but in natural light. I wanted strong light and shadow. Mostly I wanted to allude to a sense of longing and a desire, yet a hesitancy, to be seen. Placing myself at a window helped me do that.

A window is a curious object, both a porthole to an exterior world but also a barrier to it not easily crossed. Unlike a door, you can neither step out nor let anyone in with ease. And unless someone happens to look in and the light is right, you can remain quite hidden behind it.  A window can be a literal comfort zone you peak out of or dare to show yourself from.

I played with this idea of hide and seek with this image. While the woman at the window is tantilizing any onlooker with a daring glimpse, the viewer of the artwork does not get to see it. Rather we see her from behind and mostly in shadow, leaving her form and intention mostly to our imagination. The scene outdoors is also nebulous. These mysterious shapes and places help to bring the focus onto the delicate and strongly backlit lace blouse held invitingly open like a matador’s cape. The rich, warm tones in the shadows add a sensuality and glow that also draws the viewer in.

Look Up, detail

Look Up, detail

Look Up, a 5″x7″ photopolymer gravure etching, is currently for sale on the Escape Into Life Art Store for $135, unframed, minus 15% off for the summer sale.

Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – Look Through My Window

  1. This is very nicely done, Chiarina, if I may say so. And I agree there’s something peculiar about windows, especially how it seems we’re freer to gaze out than in. What we do behind and through them tends to have a bit of a distantiated effect, as if we’re assured of the distinction, however blurry it may become, between “in/out here” and “out/in there.” It’s interesting that when we’re on the outside, we’re plainly exposed to all the people who might be lurking behind their windows (and possibly taking lovely photographs like this). But when we’re inside, exposure is more or less up to us.

    • Thank you for your thoughtful comment. You make an interesting point about how being on the inside allows you a choice that being on the outside doesn’t. Then again being on the outside implies a choice has already been made to show oneself. What I find intriguing is what the factors are that keep someone hidden inside, whether it be in a room or in oneself, and what kind of impetus is needed to break free, so to speak.

  2. A beautiful picture, Chia!

  3. You know that I always look first to your work I like and afterwards to read your comment. To me, this women is not ,hide and seek, but revealing. This is maybe because of the window but surely (to me) her eyes. In addition , I wander the effect if you have had chosen a man instead of a women. Without entering a discussion of sexes, but are we not tempted or lured by the beauty which she is revealing to ? Beside that , it is a nice work. Maybe you remember my previous comment some year ago in which i was charmed about the way you were able to position hands of the model . Here again , not overdone and just as it should be. It is maybe because of that , i still feel the revealing aspect. You against portraits’ hands is maybe becoming your trademark 🙂 . In any case , your work stopped me during scrolling . Tata B

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