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Tuesday Tales – Time to Say Goodbye


Wraparound Home

Wraparound Home

I linger in rooms
Vibrating with memories
Time to say goodbye

A few weeks ago and two years after leaving this home, I created this print of a house that was a part of my family’s life for almost two decades. It was a constant throughout our sojourns in foreign lands and a comfort to settle into when the journeying ended. It was the place that saw my children grow into young adults and saw me grow into a welcoming community. It was the abode of dinner parties and  Friday night movies, broom burning and blackberry picking, afternoon winds and moonlit trees, long summer days spent at the beach and quiet winter snowfalls that kept us housebound. But change is an inevitable part of life and the time came when we each had to move on.

As I wandered through the house on my last day there, I photographed the empty rooms, saying my farewells to them, while remembering all the happy and sad times, the important events and the quiet days, the hours of labour and love that went into making this house a home. I shed a few tears for the imagined future that would not occur for our family here. And I left my memories and gave the house over to the new family who would come in and make it their home. I hope they are filling it with more wonderful memories and allowing it to wrap itself around their hearts as it did to my family.

More images of my old house can be seen here.

The print above is not for sale, as it is too dear to part with. However, I am offering a special price for any commissions ordered this week, $100 for a 5″x7″ and $60 for a 3.5″x5″, both on 10″x11″ paper, using a photo that you provide. These can be images of people, pets, homes, anything at all that you would like converted into a unique archival work of art. Email me at with a digital photo and I will do the rest, turning your photo into a family heirloom!


Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – Time to Say Goodbye

  1. Such a stunning home to inspire this lovely, grace-full, poignant post–haiku, print, photos, memoir. What a blessed house, what a blessed family. xo

    • Thank you Chloe, and I agree, my family has been blessed in many ways, including having had this home to live in for many years. I will always cherish the memories from that time and place. If the rooms could speak they would have lots of stories to tell!

  2. dense with spell-binding beauty. tony

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