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Tuesday Tales – The End Is The Beginning


Day's End

Day’s End

Travelling is one of life’s sweet delights. The thrill of new places, new adventures and the joy of stepping out of your daily routines always outweighs any discomfort or challenges along the way. But all adventures must come to an end and the homecoming is a bittersweet return to normalcy as you settle back into your daily life. The trick is to bring back some magic with you to inbue and enrich the everyday upon your return.  I have just spent a month travelling in Italy.  Though still foggy with jetlag I am brimming with an overload of inspirations brought back from my travels that I am excited to infuse into my work and my life.

But first I must take a deep breath and let all the wonders sink in and turn into vibrant memories.

The piece above was in a show entitled Shoes while I was away. It came home just a few days before I did. It inspired the poem below. I thought it would be an apt offering upon my return to normal life.

The Road

The road before me
Lies shimmering with promise
Dawn awakens dreams

Bravely I journey
Through forks and perils hidden
Day is lit with hope

Silently I sigh
As I slip out of my shoes
Day’s end calls to me

I wander on roads
Vibrating with memories
Dusk fades into night

Day’s End is a 9″x12″ reduction linocut, offered this week at $120 unframed, $140 framed.



Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – The End Is The Beginning

  1. Welcome home Chiarina 🙂 Beautiful linocut and poem. Looking forward to seeing what the inspiration of your recent travels brings forth.

  2. Beautiful post and evocative, wistful “Shoes.” I, too, have just returned from a journey–not as long as yours but very emotional. The return always has this disembodied feeling for a bit….Thanks for the hopeful facet–I need it. xo p.s. Like creativepotager above, I can’t wait to see where your inspiration leads you!

    • That’s a great way to describe it, disembodied. There’s always a sense of unreality and need for readjustment upon a return home. And of course the journey has changed you so it’s never quite the same situation when you return. That ide alone could be fodder for a whole series of art! Looking forward to getting started on some. Hope your journey has had its share of positive moments and outcomes. xo

  3. This spoke directly to my heart! Thank YOU!! So happy for your magical journey — Continue to savor and enjoy… xoxo

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