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Tuesday Tales – Boston Calling


Through The Darkness

Through The Darkness

It is with a heavy heart that I write this post today. The news of yesterday’s tragic bombings in Boston have left me terribly saddened. While any act of terorism and violence is abhorent to me, the fact that  it was directed at a running event brings it just a little closer to home. I have friends who have run the Boston marathon. I run in races myself all the time. These are events that have no political or social agenda. Rather, they are a celebration of human endeavor, spirit and community. It seems especially cruel to have targeted the finish line, the place where feelings of accomplishment and elation should have run high, and the place where families and friends gathered to cheer on the participants. Instead, a shadow of sorrow will forevermore haunt this place and those unfortunate families who were hit hardest with the blasts.

I have no words of comfort for them. There are no reasons that make any sense of such tragedies, other than in the twisted minds of those responsible. The world is as dangerous , and as beautiful, a place as it was two days ago. Only once again we are reminded to pay attention to our lives, our loved ones and our dreams. To be kind and giving and charitable. To try to make the world a better place in whatever way we can. Only then can there be any good out of such tragedy.

The monotype above, measuring 5″x5″, is a demo I did for a class. It is the kind of abstract I like to do that references light and passages, time and space. I thought it would make an appropriate offering for today. It is priced at $60 unframed for this week.

I have also found this video to be a wonderful balm for the spirit. May it bring you peace today and always.


Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

3 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – Boston Calling

  1. Hi Chiarina.
    Here in Spain we have also suffered the effects of terrorism. It is a tragedy what happened in Boston. As you say this has been a cruel, ruthless and unforgiving act. So sorry for the victims and their families!

  2. I am visiting the states at this moment and indeed this news was rather terrible to hear . I am not able to position , to understand or to cope ‘the why ‘. Beside the true disaster of this stupid act , I do fear something else more and more .

    The act of indifference of all of us these days . I am afraid that the majority among us are not able anymore ‘to understand ‘. This is making us indifferent towards these kind of criminality. Consequently , we are just moving on. Where i am staying now, I experienced nothing , nada , no true emotional sympathy and ‘business as usual ‘. This act is done by us and only us. This is something I can not understand either . But I took my time to consider and try to understand. But when I do, I feel myself a complete stranger in this beautiful country.

    Your work is a nice presentation of it. Although you offered us a beautiful light in this demo ,that light is made however so nice because of your presented darkness. I experience the darkness of your work as the act of terror and the light as the hope. So I have a mixed feeling to see the darkness so nice presented.

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