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Tuesday Tales – In Bloom


Glimmer 2

Glimmer 2

Glimmer 4

Glimmer 4

Glimmer 1

Glimmer 1

In Bloom

Bold, dazzling resurgence

Nature’s reawakened dream of soft, supple hedonism

Filling nostrils, entrancing eyes

Translucent petals gazing upwards

Bidding us attend to the beauty at our feet

This delicate,  fragile feast too soon a memory.

I cannot let spring go by without singing its praises.  And just as the warm breezes and radiant sun return to this cold,wet island, so do the wildflowers in the fields. One of my favorite walks at this time is along a circular route along a headland called Tower Point. While the stunning ocean vistas captivate all year round, in the spring the land delights with an abundance of camas and white fawn lilies tucked in amongst the trees and bushes along the well worn paths.

The prints above, titled Glimmer, are three monoprints created from photographs of the camas in this area. They are offered this week at $50 each.

More photographs of this beautiful park in spring can be found here.

Meanwhile the pieces below can be viewed at Coast Collective‘s Bloom 5 show, on until April 7th. Together with a multitude of lovely floral artworks on display are the interpretive floral arrangements created by the Victoria Flower Arrangers Guild.



Three Lilies

Three Lilies

Three Magnolias

Three Magnolias


Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

9 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – In Bloom

  1. So lovely–poetry and print, all. Thank you for adding this beauty to my day. xo

  2. Tried to comment on the gorgeous images of the park noted above, but don’t think it worked. Especially love the rich, evocative image of possibility of the well worn path opening to the sea. Thank you.

  3. `Primavera` represents the best ,for me, your lovely poem. it expresses a reawakened event. The perceptive created from something not that defined anymore in the background. One is not looking to the flower directly, but to the complete image. The background obscure and wet or even cold in contrast with a new element or a promising thought .

  4. Three Lillies and Three Magnolias are the highlight of my day. It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon. This is pretty good going! Penny

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