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Tuesday Tales – December Dream


December Dream, 3

December Dream, 3

The wind danced in the firs, throwing their undulating shadows over the new fallen snow, as the moon beamed its song across the sky. But it was the cold touch of the windowsill beneath her hand that drew her attention, bringing her out of her reverie.  With the waning of the year the moment was here at long last. As her fingers hesitated over the button at her waist, she felt his eyes on her, waiting, anticipating. Shivers of heat warmed her flesh as she looked up and slowly followed the cool light towards the shadowed contours on the bed.

December Dream is an image dear to my heart. It is based on the first self portrait I ever made, titled December, described here. I reworked and enlarged the image to create a new series of prints, this time using a photograph of the December print as my image rather than the original photograph. The full series of prints can be seen here. This image is one for which I felt a story needed to be told, hence the drabble above. A drabble is a short work of fiction told in exactle one hundred words. As with haiku poetry, it challenges my ability to say a lot with few words. While it is a work of fiction, the autobiographical references are there, as are the emotional resonances that, combined with the imagery, create an enigmatic interplay between dream and reality.

December Dream, 3, a photopolymer gravure monoprint measuring 12″x16″, is offered this week at $750, unframed, or $900 framed.

What do you think, dear Reader? Does the drabble fit the image well? Have you ever tried your hand at writing one? Please post or link, I would love to read some.


Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

8 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – December Dream

  1. Absolutely love, and amd entranced by, the dreamy, shimmery quality of the print. So intriguing to refer back to your earlier self-portrait and post and experience the evolution of your visual and written art over the past few years-very exciting to witness. I admire your artistry of course, but also your willingness to do the work required to develop more and deeper, layer upon layer, with the prints and the blog. Gorgeous. Wish there were a way to have such a portrait done of me with this technique that you use here….
    And so cool to learn of the drabble form-new to me. Yours is lovely-spare but vivid. Cheers! Xo

    • Thank you so much, Chloe, for your kind and thoughtful comments. I know you could write some beautiful drabbles, I’ve read your poetry! If you do want a portrait of yourself done as an etching I could easliy do that. In fact I often get commissions for just that. All you need do is email me a jpeg of the image you want and let me know the size desired and I can give you a quote. if you check out my website I have some examples of works and prices for you. Cheers to you xo

  2. The right hand , made it for me in this work of Art , not the left . The women represents power , openness, peace. She is not dreaming but expecting and even wanna make a statement . She looks happy and gives me the feeling . ” Here I am, be aware that I am gentle with my feelings.” great person , great art

    • Thank you, Bart. Very perceptive of you. I was definitely wanting to make a statement with this piece, but I leave that statement open to interpretation. Cheers!

  3. Amazing art- It has that magical pull that draws in the viewer. I love your work!

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