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Tuesday Tales – Red is for Roussillon


Sejour b


It is always wonderful to discover special places while travelling. Some are magical, no matter how many times one visits them. Venice and Bali are two such places I have been fortunate to have spent time in. Others grow more enchanting with every successive visit. Roussillon is one of these places. A tiny hill town in Provence, perched high above a green valley filled with orchards and vineyards, it is labelled one of France’s loveliest villages. And rightly so, for it’s location on a ridge filled with ochre deposits in its clay, has resulted in a village rich in russet tones that glow in the extraordinary Provencal light.

This was my second visit to Roussillon. The enchantment began upon arrival as we wandered through the cemetery overlooking the town, with its spectacular view below and its stone tombs and crosses rising up into the brilliant blue sky. Strolling through the village was magical as the sun was starting to set, creating an everchanging contrast of glowing and deep red and orange hues and long, dramatic shadows across walls and streets. Lovely shops and even lovelier galleries and eateries beckoned, competing with the visual feast of textured walls, painted doors, the cool stone interior of a church and windows with charming flourishes and potted plants.  Best of all was visiting this lovely town with someone special, someone who delighted in its charms as much as I did, and someone who waited patiently as I snapped away uncontrollably at every turn. Images of Roussillon can be seen in my Flickr album here.

This week I am offering another pair of photopolymer gravure etchings, both of Roussillon. The image above, titled Sejour (Sojourn), I feel captures perfectly the joy of strolling through this lovely town with someone special. The image below, titled Village Stroll 2, highlights the dramatic quality of the light at sunset. The name of the gallery in the bottom left of the image, barely visible, is Galerie de la Porte Heureuse (Happy Door Gallery), a most fitting name for this most enchanting place.

I am offering the prints, this week only, at $150 for both or $80 each, unframed, and for an additional $20 each framed. Each print is 5″ x 7″ on 8″x10″ paper.

Village Stroll, 2

Village Stroll, 2


Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tales – Red is for Roussillon

  1. Evocative and stunning. I’m especially drawn to “Sejour”-something about the backs of the figures, holding hands in that aperture–makes me sigh wistfully, contented. Thank you?

  2. I am not a ‘like’ person without a comment . So I do hope you allow me to give my interpretation. If not let me know.
    I wanna be part of that place , stroll, and I believe when i see this image back after I have visited , I ll return to it again. The second one gives that impression to welcome me. I believe the shades are true communicating with each other and also with me.

    • I hope you do get a chance to visit this lovely town. As a photographer you will LOVE it! I look forward to reading about your impressions after you do. Cheers and thank you for your comment!

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