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Him and Her

This summer I am participating in a most unusual art show, INDEXG’s Art Brownie RAINBOW in Toronto.

Miniature works of art are something I am familiar with. As a printmaker I have taken part in numerous mini print shows around the world. What makes this show different is that the artwork is created with any media on a wooden block 2 1/2 inches square by 1 1/2 inches deep, with little extensions allowed.

The possibilities were endless but the challenge for me was to remain true to my artistic vision and preferred mode of creating art, which is figurative etchings on paper. I toyed with the idea of inked rubbings or relief prints on the wood but neither of those would showcase the detailed textures and subtle colorings of an etching, so I came to the conclusion that I would have to wrap the prints around the wood in a way that took advantage of the three dimensional quality of the block. I decided on close-ups of faces for my pieces for a number of reasons; first, I love to do them, second, they appear almost sculptural when seen from the various angles, and last, they appear as glimspes through a window that allow you to imagine the rest of the face while getting up close and personal to the person.

Image  Image

Image  Image

I titled them simply Him and Her.

I enjoyed doing these pieces so much that I have decided to do more in the same vein. I now have 5 shiny new blocks, this time 4″ x 4″ square, that are awaiting their new faces. They will hopefully be ready for viewing during the Stinking Fish Studio Tour, on from August 3-12 (my participation will be from August 8-12 only)

Art Brownie RAINBOW

INDEXG Gallery

50 Gladstone Avenue, Toronto

July 28-August 31, Opening Reception: July 28, 3-8pm