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On The Blog of Innocence

Far Yet Forever Dear

It’s two days before my art show opens at Collective Works Gallery and I would normally be blogging a final post about the show about now, but tonight I want to bring your attention to another blog, an exceptionally thoughtful one by an exceptional man, Chris Al-Aswad. Chris was the creator of Escape Into Life,  , an outstanding art site that brought an enormous wealth of beauty and inspiration to the online artistic community. It inspired me tremendously in my work and in my life. 

Chris passed away just recently at a tragically young age. His writings, a large library of them, are fortunately still here for us to peruse and savour. They can be found on his blog, The Blog of Innocence, here: I encourage everyone to have a read and cherish the brilliant spirit behind the words.

My deepest condolences to his family and friends.


I’m An Exhibitionist, Yes I Am!

Mirror, Mirror invitation

One of the great joys of working as an artist is being able to be my own boss. I set my own hours, choose who I want to work with and what I want to do. For the most part what I choose to do is work to projects.

These projects invariably involve exhibiting my artwork so that I find myself working from exhibition to exhibition. I enjoy this for it helps me to focus on a body of work, allowing ideas and themes to develop and crystallize while challenging my ability to give the ideas form and life.

Oftentimes the themes build and grow from one show to the next, forming a progression of expression that is exciting and hopefully, helps me to develop my own unique voice.

My upcoming show, Mirror, Mirror, is such a progression, following up from my previous one, In Her Eyes. It continues the theme of personal journey through exploration of self as viewed through the mirror of others’ perceptions.

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in a mirror. But you are eternity and you are the mirror. “  Kahlil Gibran                                                     

The mirror, as reflective surface projects back onto the subject, but only what is being revealed to it. What remains hidden often reveals as much as what is shown. We see ourselves in the eyes and hearts of others but only as much as we are willing and able to give of ourselves. The more we give of ourselves, the fuller we are perceived and the more fully we are able to understand and accept ourselves. At the same time, the clarity of the mirror determines how truthfully the image is reproduced. The more open the mind and heart of the person, the greater will be the reality that is reflected back to you.

“You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.” George Bernard Shaw

As an artist my goal is to act as a mirror to our collective souls. This forces out the ‘exhibitionist’ in me in every sense of the word, a thrilling and daunting task. In the next few weeks I will be exhibiting my work in two shows.

First up is the Sooke Fine Arts Show, the annual juried, largest art show on Vancouver Island. I am thrilled and honoured to have had three pieces accepted into this show, one of which has garnered an Honorary Mention. The show takes place at the Sooke Leisure Park Arena and runs from July 24 to August 2, 2010. More info on the show can be found here:

Those three works serve as a taste of the works in my own show, Mirror, Mirror, which opens the following Friday, July 30th, at 7pm at the Collective Works Gallery in Fernwood, Victoria and runs until August 12th, 2010. More info on the gallery can be found here:

I am very excited to present these artworks and welcome everyone to come and celebrate and ‘reflect on’ the show with me.