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April Dream She Will – from poem to print




April Dream She Will

April dream I will

Of cool nights and warm kisses

Moonlight sings to me

The moon was full and beaming over the water last night as I looked out my window, and as thoughts of the month’s passing filled my mind I was reminded of the poem I had written, above, and the ensuing print that followed.

The poem was intended for a birthday calendar I made several years back but never made it into its pages for I didn’t have a suitable image to accompany it. When I made the print above I knew I had found its partner.

The print, a photopolymer gravure etching, began with this photograph, taken for and of me by Jonathan Dvorak.

After a ‘crop and shop’ I made the transparency that would be used to transfer the image onto a solar plate. I then inked the plate and transferred the final image onto printmaking paper with the use of an etching press. You can find more detailed info and a slideshow on the process here:

I pulled two prints of the image, both times with colors to suggest a cool light in a darkened space. In both cases I wanted to highlight the quality of the light on the skin and clothing. By using a lot of black with just hints of other color I was able to create deep shadows and cool, nighttime color in the light areas. The second print is below.

April Dream She Will, 2

The tight cropping of the initial image takes the final print beyond a self portrait, drawing the viewer in to focus on the heart being laid open while introducing an element of mystery that creates a distance and stirs the imagination. Together with the light and shadows, it results in an intimate, seductive dreamscape that I believe captures the essence of the poem.

Both prints are available for purchase, e-mail for pricing.



Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

11 thoughts on “April Dream She Will – from poem to print

  1. A beautiful piece of art Chiarina! Within these prints, the words to your poem come to life in a very compelling way.
    And yes, I agree, I love how you cropped the image to create a bit of mystery and intrigue; it adds so much more to the imagination of what that mystery may be?

    Furthermore, your narrative, as to how you arrived at your finished creation, augmented your presentation quite gratifyingly. Great job!

  2. With a nice feeling about this work of you ( Also took a look to your studio) , I struggle a bit between poem vrs image or both together . Both and stand alone , all perfect. The way you cropped your original image , well done , special and sensual . All ingredients are present , though you made it yours by your style. What I do like the most of the photograph is the background fading in and out. it invites or welcomes us and in the same time it says farewell ,powerfully.

    • Thank you Bart, for your like and your thoughtful comments. Interesting how you got the sense of farewell as well as invitation from the photo, for it was in fact saying both.

      • This is why I replied , indeed , if one is taken the time to look at your work , it was overwhelming to see this duality . I wonder if that impression was observed by others to. In any case, this work of you is super.thx , looking forward to see more.

        • There is a duality and complexity in much of my work which others have noted, fortunately. Can’t recall if anyone else experienced it as strongly as you have with this piece. Thank you again for your insights, Bart. Cheers.

  3. Gorgeous, comme toujours. Thank you.

  4. This is fusion of words and photography at it’s best! Incredible work!

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