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April Dream She Will – from poem to print



April Dream She Will

April dream I will

Of cool nights and warm kisses

Moonlight sings to me

The moon was full and beaming over the water last night as I looked out my window, and as thoughts of the month’s passing filled my mind I was reminded of the poem I had written, above, and the ensuing print that followed.

The poem was intended for a birthday calendar I made several years back but never made it into its pages for I didn’t have a suitable image to accompany it. When I made the print above I knew I had found its partner.

The print, a photopolymer gravure etching, began with this photograph, taken for and of me by Jonathan Dvorak.

After a ‘crop and shop’ I made the transparency that would be used to transfer the image onto a solar plate. I then inked the plate and transferred the final image onto printmaking paper with the use of an etching press. You can find more detailed info and a slideshow on the process here:

I pulled two prints of the image, both times with colors to suggest a cool light in a darkened space. In both cases I wanted to highlight the quality of the light on the skin and clothing. By using a lot of black with just hints of other color I was able to create deep shadows and cool, nighttime color in the light areas. The second print is below.

April Dream She Will, 2

The tight cropping of the initial image takes the final print beyond a self portrait, drawing the viewer in to focus on the heart being laid open while introducing an element of mystery that creates a distance and stirs the imagination. Together with the light and shadows, it results in an intimate, seductive dreamscape that I believe captures the essence of the poem.

Both prints are available for purchase, e-mail for pricing.