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It takes a village to put on a one woman show!


January 7…this post should have been written yesterday, but MY epiphany happened today, as I was on my way to delivering the artwork to the gallery that will house my one woman show, In Her Eyes, for the next month. After long days of measuring and cutting mats, titleing  artworks, then framing and bundling them up, with no less than five good friends, I suddenly realized what a group effort putting this art show on has become.  

Sure, I conceived and produced the 40 artworks that are in the show, but from the very beginning of this long labour my friends and family were instrumental in getting it off the ground. Whether it was to snap photos, listen to my musings, cheer as I produced the works or be their inspiration, they were there every step of the way, encouraging me to go forward and bring the work to completion. And they became my evangelists, proclaiming the good news to anyone who would pay attention! I most literally would not have been able to do this work without them.

I once read an article about how the story of artists who achieved acclaim later in life was invariably a love story, for their art, and usually stomachs, were often fed by loved ones close to them. I have yet to achieve any extraordinary acclaim for my art work but I am most definitely blessed to be living my own love story, one that is full of caring, giving people.

The photograph below is one I snapped during an emotion charged photoshoot at the Butter Church. I think it speaks a thousand words.

Terri and Jane

This Saturday night, I will be privileged to celebrate my artistic achievement with my friends and family. If you are in the vicinity of the Martin Batchelor Gallery in Victoria, please come and celebrate with me these extraordinary people whom I hold so dear.


Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

9 thoughts on “It takes a village to put on a one woman show!

  1. Artists like everyone else need inspiring.
    Support like that feeds the artistic type

  2. Very nicely said Chi! Sort of like raising a child – it takes a community. I feel the same support from the group – just in a different way. By the way, what a nice pic of Jane and I!! One more day until showtime – I can hardly wait!

  3. I’m so emotionally touched by your words Chi! I guess you can say it’s our show because of the love all around. Saturday is your day….enjoy the attention….you deserve it!

    ❤ Jane

  4. I’m so excited for you! You’ve worked so hard, it’s about time you let your sun shine through.


  5. Although this event has passed on now, the art lives on. I felt compelled to comment on this post, not just because of the wonderful people in it that I feel privileged in getting to know (and yes by the way…an awesome shot of Terri and Jane indeed!…haven’t met Jane yet..will go with the flow..); but because, I too have an epiphany every January 7th…for it is the birthday of my mother. And in many ways Chiarina, your post here reminds me of her “one woman show” that was constantly supported by all those who loved her. Interesting in how the month of May is Cancer month and how I would find myself here today. Equally as interesting is where I spent my mother’s day this year and in how that came to be…serendipity? or maybe…the flow dancing again! My mother and I shared a common spirit and love her with all my heart! And although, she too has passed on; her love lives on. Thankyou Chiarina for your epiphany, which has now become mine. ☼ღ

    • Randy, I am deeply touched. The love between a mother and child is a beautiful, nourishing thing that time and distance can never diminish. I would love to learn more of your mother’s ‘love story’ for I am sure it is a remarkable one, one that continues to flow through you.

  6. Yes, those kind of bonds are very special. Love does flow!There are times when I feel it very strongly. Often I find myself in awe of it’s miracles that I see all around me. The difference for me now is that I’ve learned to pay more attention to it!. I would be honored to share my mother’s love story with you; I look forward to that. ☼ღ

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