Chiarina Loggia

A printmaker's progress

A blog is born!


Not the most creative or unique introduction but I hope to make up for it in subsequent posts as I weave my way through this web-site. Stay tuned for more palaverous postings!

Chiarina Loggia


Author: chiaink

World travelled yet never weary, eloquent and evocative, Chiarina's artworks sing with a sensitive and sensuous spirit.

3 thoughts on “A blog is born!

  1. Absolutely love Ashes to Ashes. The color and the way it is put together definitely helps to accentuate the emotion of the day!

  2. Thanks, Terri. 🙂 That day with you and Jane was special. The two of you made it possible to not only get the images I wanted but to help me work through a lot of emotions. You’re very special friends.
    I’m happy with the piece too. I hope my dad is able to see it somehow and know that he is missed and loved.

  3. Michael Ward sent me your exhibition notice. Your work is impressive and I wish you all the best for your show. My favourite is “December”; very beautiful. Your blog is really interesting too.

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